Clean your Mind !

We clean our home regularly with an intention to keep our surroundings neat and hygienic. Especially on the occasion of Diwali (a festival of lights), everyone wants their home to be cleaned, the dust to be removed from each and every corner of the home. We Indians, get busier to make the home look dirt and dust free. And it’s done with great enthusiasm, which is a good thing for a healthy life.

Enlighten your soul

While cleaning our surroundings we are forgetting the sanctity of this festival. This occasion gives a message not only to clean our home but also to clean our mind polluted with negative thoughts and emotions for others.

Many a times it happens that to please others, we suppress our wishes and fulfill their wishes and desires, at the same time the wishes that we suppressed in our mind become a critical thought for the other person which we hold for a longer period of time. This actually is nothing but a dirt in our mind, which disturbs our peace and sometimes, if expressed disturbs our relationship with others as well.

Along with cleaning our home, this festival is also marked by exchanging gifts with our friends. Earlier the motive behind exchanging sweets and gifts was to exchange good wishes, but we have deviated from the very sacred purpose of exchanging good wishes to exchanging just materialist things.

Another auspicious thing, which people mandatorly do is to worship Goddess Lakshmi, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This signifies the, importance of woman. A woman is an icon of happiness, joy, prosperity, kindness, and courage. Respect every woman in your life.

Respect Women

A very significant aspect of Diwali is that people from various business community start a new account books. This teaches us that we have different karmic accounts with others. It could be good, bad or both. Sometimes our relation with some people is not good. There would be some people in our life with whom we have conflicts. And this creates a negative karmic account with them. We need to balance this equation with those soul with whom we have some kind of issue which is not letting us or them to stay in peace. Let’s resolve our conflicts them by creating positive vibration of energy for them. By this way we can settle down our karmic account just introducing an optimistic change in our behaviour. Whatever happened in past is past, it’s finished. From today we will create a new account of goodwill. Let’s be compassionate with everyone, respect those whom we disrespected, hurt or misbehaved with.Send the vibration of love, respect and blessings. So that the process of healing may start.

From today a new, beautiful, and powerful karmic account has to start and hence settle down the previous karmic account.

Am I fine?

The question wandering in my mind, am I fine? !

Smiling, laughing, talking, roaming, doing everything puts us in the category of normal state of mental health. But deep down, only we have the answer to the question “am I fine”?! Sub consciously ignoring the fact that this mind is not okay! Is not the actual way of living.

Mental health is an important part of everyone’s life. What we see about others on social media is just an illusionary world of others created to deviate us and somewhere themselves from the reality of life. Thia generation is a generation of sadness in heart and happiness on Facebook walls, Instagram stories. We have to acquiesce the very truth which is lying only with us that something is there which is not right about us, which is hindering our real happiness and peace.

Those fake happiness appearing on the face of a person over the pictures posted at virtual platform is actually a soul who is derisive in his)her real world. One day this pseudo happiness will leave a person marooned. Being with everyone and still feeling aloof is not the symbol of contentment. One has to check his inner state of mind daily with consciousness. May be most of us are just being ignorant and trying to layer our unhappy mind temporarily with some kind of illusive activities which we label as happiness but actually it isn’t the truth.

According to a report of World Health Organization, Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected.

Before we reach at a fatal situation from where it is quite difficult to withdraw ourselves, we need to take a pause, and ask a question, am I fine? Are the things and people around me, reason of my happiness? Will I be affected if these things and people leave me ? Well if the answer is YES, then be alert !!! Cause your happiness, and emotions are your own creation therefore they should not be dependent on anyone or anything around you. Liberate your soul from the bondage of people’s presence, events, and situations.

Contentment is a state of being blissed

Take care & Stay Happy ! ,🤗

Vijayadashmi- kill the evil residing within and outside !

In India, Vijaya Dashmi is celebrated among the Hindus with great enthusiasm and joy. This occasion symbolises the “Victory of Triumph over Evil”. Mythologically speaking, there was a nine day long fight between Goddess Durga and Demon Mahishashur and finally on the tenth day of the fight it was Goddess Durga who successfully killed the devil.

This ten days long fight signifies the importance of truth, honesty, goodness, purity, tolerance, patience, and not giving up attitude of a soul who fights all odds with great courage. And eventually, it’s the powerful, truthful and courageous soul that achieves the desired victory over the evil.

There is a direct link between the demon, Mahishashur of then and now. Every individual has some kind and degree of evilness present within himself. Only few of us can recognize it and destroy it with our own will. We need to consciously check them and work upon them so as to lead a better way of life with dignity. Otherwise they will overpower us and will harm our conscience which guide us to walk on the path of righteousness.

There are some other kind of evils that are wandering in our society, in our surrounding who actually are unnoticed and left out to roam and destroy the peace and harmony of the society. They are the actual Mahishashur dressed in a suit and boot. It’s very difficult to identify them cause they don’t commit crimes which is wrong in the eye of law rather they are so vulnerable to the good and innocent people who come in contact with them. These unidentified evils act as a slow poison for others. They pose a great threat to the society.

And to clean such devils and Demon present in the form of human, someone has to take a stand. Someone has to raise the voice. Someone has to bring an end to the relentless sins committed by these Mahishashur of 21st century.

A humble request to the women out there who become the victim of these demon, please ladies time has come for you to take your weapon in your hand, realise your power and stop getting tortured by anyone around you who is threatening your dignity, your reputation, your self esteem!

In every woman there resides a goddess Durga, who has to realise her power and keep using it throughout her life

Tolerance is good but injustice is Savage …!

Rutuparna Mohanty- The Fighter Woman

rutuparna mohanty-
Rutuparna Mohanty- Advocate, Women’s Right Activist, Social worker

Always trust your instincts. They know what they’re talking about”.

Going by these two invaluable principles in life, the renowned social activist of Odisha, Rutuparna Mohanty, is instinctively a fighter woman.  The fiery woman activist has stood for the traditional values that she inherited right from her family background.  Upright, frank, and downrightly rebellious in her attitude towards oppression on women by the society, she feels in the depth of her heart that women in Indian society still do not share the power with men to make a decision.

“Although the theme of United Nation has stayed planet 50:50 by the end of the year 2030 on the occasion of Women’s Day, I doubt whether this would see the light of the day. Just take the picture inside our State’s Legislative Assembly. What is the percentage of women in such democratic houses? It is negligible. Are the women a substantial part in any major decision-making?”- Her words portray vividly the realistic picture that only 7 to 8 percent among the democratically elected representatives are women.

Rutuparna was born in a family that mostly consisted of freedom fighters– her father was a close associate of Vinoba Bhave while her mother stayed in a life-long relationship with Ramadevi.

“My father’s elder-brother, Sachidananda Mohanty, not only fought in the independence struggle, his virtues won him the title of ‘Gandhi of Kendrapada’. We grew up wearing khadi as it was one of the ideologies to wear clothes of hand-woven Khadi.  Among my four sisters, my writer sister Aparna Mohanty inspires me the most.”- She explains emphatically that family values played the most decisive role in her character to shape up her as a woman activist and lawyer.

Rutuparna grew up in a childhood steeped in financial difficulties as she had to teach in private tuition classes to eke out a sum of 600 rupees to sustain her expenses for education. She also acted in the movie Aei ta Dunia and another film by Doordarshan, while all her siblings were proficient in song and dance. After completing her graduation from Tulasi Women’s College from Kendrapara, she opted to go for study of law. As she bagged a job with Urban Development department in Kendrapara, she was later transferred to Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation (BMC).

rutuparna mohanty4

Ruruparna’s stint with BMC literally turned out to be a defining moment in her career as she discovered the corporation was a storehouse of corruption.  “Then corrupt practices existed at every level. Just imagine BMC had to spend a whopping sum of Rs 60,000 to feed banana to the roaming bulls on the street. The heinous practices of looting were going on at every stage. It was almost uncontrollable that the staff were looting the innocent tax-payers’ money. The municipality staff had eight or nine unions. The atmosphere was suffocating with practices of corruption and in-fighting.  But I had to sum up my courage to raise voice”, she tightens her grip to show the determination in her instinct to fight the injustice taking place in a behemoth like BMC.

Rutuparna fought the elections of the union, while keeping her voice steady and firm against the corrupt bureaucracy inside the system. She was physically threatened and later transferred to the municipality of Balasore. But at that time, the staff union in the Municipal Corporation had called for a strike protesting against the privatization of sanitary task. As the protest went on for 29 days, she stayed at the forefront of agitation. Her transfer to Balasore saw a withdrawal with the interference of Chief Minister, Naveen Pattnaik, as the government bowed before the demand of agitating staff.

As she made her mind for more active participation in social service, Rurupurna resigned from her job in the year 2001. But her seven years stint in BMC made her a renowned leader, who could handle any social problem.

Rutuparna smiles while showing her utter humbleness in finding the right man for her marriage. “As my family had no money to afford, my first and foremost condition before the suitors for my marriage was ‘no dowry’. At first, I thought, it was impossible but one day I was fortunate to find him”, she shies away with a blush on her face to show her appreciation for her partner in life.

rutuparna mohanty5

As a female activist, Rutuparna kept on longing for helping the destitute women. Gradually, the concept for ideal shelter home for the destitute women and unwed mothers took shape as she zeroed on forming the shelter homes in every nook and corner of Odisha- “Maa Ghara”. The concept took off at a faster speed as she also brought in to existence various provisions for helping the helpless women. She brought activities that taught the women to become self-dependent while extending legal help to them for fighting injustice committed to them in their families. Her project has literally become hallmark of success as it is handling all the major feminine issues.

Rutuparna nods agreeing to the fact that planet 50:50 would stay her dream for women’s emancipation. “I would still dream for status of every home, where the man and his woman share responsibility equally. My heart swells up with pride, when I hear a few words of praise from my husband. Literally that rejuvenates my body and mind. The society needs to understand men and women are equal, Atrocities committed on women simply unbalances things, creating disharmony, unrest, and loss of mental peace in the world. Whenever women are subjugated, the result is a bigger turmoil. Just see the unrest that followed after the rape of a girl in a moving bus in Delhi. Do not you think the entire society gets disturbed after such an incident? ”– The rationale in her words was mesmeric.

Rutuparna represented India in San Diego in California as a woman peace-maker in an eight-week programme as she was the only woman to get the chance. She was felicitated for her immensely creative talent in bringing up “Maa Ghara” by all the leading organisations in Odisha.

Rutuparna represented India in San Diego in California as a woman peace-maker in an eight-week programme as she was the only woman to get the chance. She was felicitated for her immensely creative talent in bringing up “Maa Ghara” by all the leading organisations in Odisha.

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(The woman who gave me a ray of hope and obviously her support at the very crucial moment of my life)

Thank you Aunt !

Gender Equality – Since Ages!

Patriarchy said “hey woman, you are born to be suppressed!” ……! Today I ask myself who are these people who think even in 21st century that women should remain quiet when they are being hurt either physically or emotionally. While surveying, I found out that there still exist people who advise their daughter ” listen you are a woman and if your partner shouts at you, be quiet don’t fight for your right …it doesn’t suit you being a woman to create a dramatic situation in front of the society” .

Just for the sake of reputation of families, women keep their mouth shut and continue to become a victim of all kinds of the hurts.

It is astonishing that even the well educated sect of our society teaches their daughter not to stand for themselves during the adversaries.

Who made these facile rules and regulations that woman are meant to be suppressed and remain silent during aversive circumstances???

Why does such people forget that even our past teaches a lot regarding gender equality and giving proper respect to women around us.

Lessons from our past-

Indian women have enjoyed a position of respect and reverence in ancient Indian society. Ardhanarishwar – a half male half female representation of Lord Shiva – captures the equality between men and women.

The Rigveda identified many women sages as treasures of knowledge.

The Great Maitreyi who rejected half her husband’s wealth in the favour of spiritual knowledge.

Men in ancient India were identified with their mothers. Eg. Yoshoda Nandan, Gandhari Putra etc.

If our ancient culture never stopped us from giving equal importance to women as that of men and also respecting them, then why can’t we continue the same in a better manner ….?

The need of the hour, is to sensitize those who hold such thoughts that women even after attaining so much education and liberty from the law of the land, that is our constitution, should be encouraged to stand for themselves.

It’s the duty of every father and every mother to teach their daughter since her childhood, not get suppressed rather stand up along with their swords,( rights given by the law of the land ) and win the battle.

Our judiciary system has provided us the weapon to fight for the right. These laws are not to remain in the books only but to use them when anyone hampers your dignity and self esteem.

Don’t just educate her, make her knowledge use for herself so that she can live with dignity not in fear !!!

A tear from her eyes brings a curse for your life

It’s not just a drop of water

It’s a pain of a heart which belongs to her

The pain which she isn’t entitled to

It’s the pain which she got from you

Her smile hides her sorrow

But trust me, she won’t let you make her cry by shooting another arrow

She might be quiet now,

But her tears understand her silence anyhow

Entire universe is the witness how powerful a woman’s tears is

You make her cry once, and nature will conspire against you to get punished.

It’s not just a drop of water, but an ocean of courses which will keep haunting you not only in this birth but also in every birth unless your sufferings are over

Copyright © 2019 by Sushmita Das

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“Hey Stranger”

Hey stranger, today I don’t know you. Your presence doesn’t have any impact on my life at this point of time. I don’t even know how long you are going to stay in my. Whether you will stay or vanish like a stain from a piece of cloth.

It’s actually my choice whether to turn you into a friend, a part of my life or to just turn my head, and say a “bye”.

It’s my decision to make you stay, let you know about myself and at the same time getting to know you equally. This process will become a complex communication system with transmission and receiver, not to forget the feedback, without which the process is incomplete.

With my and your agreement, we tag each other as “friends“. With the passage of time, the person whom I interacted with, once upon a time who was just a mere “stranger” became a crucial part of my life.

This once upon a time stranger turned significant individual is there in my life not only with my choice but his/hers as well. It’s “us” who ensured that the so called strangers for each other, should remain in each other’s life.

Without even any realisation the stranger gradually creates that place, in our life which the existing ones couldn’t.

May be there was a void which is filled by these strangers in our life.

Sometimes, it’s good to interact with the strangers and based on those interactions, just come out with a prudent decision whether they fit into those voids or with their arrival, there will be a creation of another void which possibly no one can fill or fit into it.

Choice is yours, decision is yours!

Copyright © 2019 by Sushmita Das

All Rights are reserved.

Respect is the essence of her existence

It’s very disappointing to say that even in 21st century there are few people who do not respect women. They abuse them, criticize them, and sometimes make them the victim of different kind of violence.

Despite all these violences women keep their mouth shut and continue to remain a sufferer throughout their life.

Violence can be of any form, either physical or emotional. We associate the term violence is always with physical hurt.

But it’s not always related to a physical injury only. Sometimes, it’s an emotional damage as well, which isn’t overtly visible rather it’s an injury whose healing takes even longer period than the physical injury occurred to her.

The perpetrator doesn’t even realise while hurting a woman he is pushing his own identity, his individuality into the ditch. Fortunately he can’t run away from the law of nature, which is the beauty of this cruel, and hostile world.

The galling part of this entire game of being a victim is that, women who are facing such events of injustice, are not raising their voice.

Dear women, if you will not stand for yourself, this society will trample you, and keep threatening your existence.

You can’t always rely upon the God or the legal system for the justice to knock your door. Without your efforts, you cannot expect anyone else to face off the different forms of violence.

A short message

Dear men, she doesn’t need your money, she doesn’t need any golden ornament or platinum ring, nor does she want expensive clothes from you, all she needs is your respect, your dedication, your love, your time and yeah, most importantly, little bit of your effort to prove her that she is an indispensable part of your life.

Respect her not only in public but in solitary also, when no one is around her your respect should surround her.

“She is a beautiful creation of God not a toy for the world

Escape Route

It often happens that you feel stuck in a situation which appears to be totally irrelevant for the journey of your life. Sometimes you either constantly ponder upon it or try to withdraw yourself.

The best way to avoid such circumstances, is to escape from that particular happening, this so because it is trying to extract all your positivity and leave you empty and alone.

Such irrelevancy could be anything such as, a situation, people or some kind of distraction which will try to stop you from endeavoring your quest

There is always an Escape Route.

Many of us are able to find such escape route in time, while most of us ignore it even if it is in front of us.

The point is we always get the sense to recognize it. This escape route is nothing but the our conscience, the unheard voice which is actually trying to guide us in the right direction. This stops us from following the track which will lead us to the ditch.

But unfortunately, we are so intensely lost in solving the insignificant puzzle of our lives, that we even disregard such prudent voice of our conscience.

Instead we keep criticising, the people, situation, and what not. It’s nothing but actually a waste of our own energy of positivity.

Our mind is like a child, it keeps wandering here and there. And we our the parent of this fickle mind. Like the way a child loses his way while walking alone in an unknown street, similarly our mind also gets astray in those negative circumstances.

Nurture your mind like a child. And it will always be able to listen your inner voice the original voice of a soul.

Photo courtesy sindhu

And this will take you to the desired place in your life.


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