This world was oblivion to me
When I was just three.
Holding the hands of my parents
I walked across the wider streets.

Listening to the giggling of a few
Who somewhat resembled me
Were the eventual souls,
Who had to play pivotal roles.

Wandering around the North of the country
And moving towards the west,
I found many friends, some were close and the others became the best.

No, the journey of friendship did not take a rest, as I had to meet some more amigos whom God had destined in the country’s East, who made the bond of friendship more concrete.

The connotation of friendship was still vague,
Swiftly realizing that it isn’t about the numbers that we count on in our phone book, rather it’s about the unbreakable hook.

The impetus behind this poise bond
Is driven by unconditional love,
The love which is draped in with empathy
Both of which are cemented along with trust,
The trust, which has morphed into zero expectations. discarding all forms of machinations.

The pure bond of friendship never asks for your time, but upon meeting them, they will give you a warm hug and make you smile.

Such is my friendship,
Where we talk less, yet meet each one, with the same vigour and irreplaceable grace.
Dedicated to all my friends living in India, and abroad

A special dedication to Priti Chauhan, Sindhu, Kavita Yadav, Dr. Preeti Shekhawat, Vaibhav Patel, Manish Kumar Meena, Suryabanshi Suraj, Khyati Shrivastava,, Satwik Patil, Divya Thakur, Shantanu Baruah, Sharon,. Deepti Bharati. Sudeep Satpathy, Anu Jorasiya.

You guys have always motivated and inspired me throughout the journey so far.

Grateful to each one of you.๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ