Crying for oxygen
Dying without oxygen
Here comes the virus
With a structure that is more serious.

Its name is the same,
But has mutated its strain,
Brought in more tears and inevitable pain.
The pain which millions are going through,
Sometimes, in the streets or homes, and a few are in the ICU

We are standing in the queue,
But oxygen is accessible only to a few.

The government is trying,
But people have no time
Struggling on ventilators, for their precious lives

Some are rich, many are poor, all are in the clasp of the virus, which takes no permission to enter the body of the human.

We are caged again in our homes,
Witnessing the situation which once was felt by the people of Italy and its capital Rome.

This shall also pass soon,
But we don’t know whether it will be over, by the end of May or June!!

Here I am, urging the world, to send us the light of healing and unconditional love.

What I believe, that the people of my country India, not only need oxygen, but also the vibrations of prayers and thoughts of optimism.

Namaste 🙏

© Sushmita Das 2021