On this very special day when we cherish and celebrate the success, existence, and significance of women, I want to share the success story of one of my very old friends.
But before I share with you all about her achievement, let me take you on a journey that started a decade and a half ago.

It was the year 2004 when a little girl entered our classroom. She was a very calm and bright student in our class. With the passage of time, her leadership qualities were known and acknowledged by all of our teachers and the headmistress. Very soon she became the class-monitor of our class. This was when we were just 9year old. I was the most introverted kind of girl in my class. The maximum number of friends that I use to keep was 2. Yes, that’s I would say an exaggeration, I just had only one best friend and the rest of the classmates were kind of strangers to me. But, this girl Deepti came out to be the daughter of one of my father’s friends.
Coincidentally, I and Deepti happened to meet at the official parties of our fathers, where I anyhow had to mingle up with other kids as well. Since Deepti was my classmate, I chose her over other kids to play and talk around with. Gradually, we became good friends.

Once some weird incident struck my peaceful life at school. Two of the notorious classmates of mine alleged me of an obnoxious incident which I was never involved in. Everyone in the classroom knew that I was innocent but nobody dared to speak up for me, then suddenly, a voice popped up- “Sir, Sushmita is innocent, she can never commit such mistakes”!

Well, along with her there was another friend of mine who raised his voice and sided along with Deepti.
He is now leading a very reputed organization in the Government of India. This is just to point that, your bravery and audacious move can be gauged from your childhood actions, itself.
Deepti and the guy had this leadership character from a very early stage of life.

Ever since the day Deepti spoke out and took a stand for me when I was a little apprehensive and reticent girl, the respect for Deepti skyrocketed, and even after a hiatus of ten years, we still cherish our friendship, and my write-up on her, is a living emblem of our friendship.

Her boldness reflected in her personality, since her childhood. She is now a woman who has been displaying her merit and efficacy in the field of genetic engineering.

Achievement Story of Deepti

Deepti has made her subtle path in the research arena as a Ph.D. scholar.
She is working in the field of Plasma Membrane Vesicles.

She has been successful in bagging Indo-US Fellowship for Women in STEMM and made her place among 10 women across India.

The major area she is working on is specifically healing and liver regeneration and is based on the application of plasma membrane vesicles in such conditions.

Indo-US fellowship for women in STEMM
It is a joint program by the Indian and American governments, sponsored by DST (Department of Science and Technology) and implemented by the Indo-US Science and technology forum.

The unique thing is that it is meant for women from Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine- STEMM.

Only 10 women are selected from various fields in STEMM all over India, and I can proudly say that Deepti secured a place among those 10 women who got the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary proficiency in STEMM.

She completed her fellowship program at Mcgovern Medical School in Texas. United States

Women in STEMM
Female students and employees are under-represented in STEMM-related fields.
On average, around 30% of the worldโ€™s researchers are women.
Less than a third of female students choose to study higher education courses in subjects like math and engineering.
Women working in STEMM fields publish less and often receive less pay.

Deepti is among those fortunate 30% of women in the world, who are working as researchers in STEMM.

She is the pride of India and of course the life of her family.

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