Patriarchy said “hey woman, you are born to be suppressed!” ……! Today I ask myself who are these people who think even in 21st century that women should remain quiet when they are being hurt either physically or emotionally. While surveying, I found out that there still exist people who advise their daughter ” listen you are a woman and if your partner shouts at you, be quiet don’t fight for your right …it doesn’t suit you being a woman to create a dramatic situation in front of the society” .

Just for the sake of reputation of families, women keep their mouth shut and continue to become a victim of all kinds of the hurts.

It is astonishing that even the well educated sect of our society teaches their daughter not to stand for themselves during the adversaries.

Who made these facile rules and regulations that woman are meant to be suppressed and remain silent during aversive circumstances???

Why does such people forget that even our past teaches a lot regarding gender equality and giving proper respect to women around us.

Lessons from our past-

Indian women have enjoyed a position of respect and reverence in ancient Indian society. Ardhanarishwar – a half male half female representation of Lord Shiva – captures the equality between men and women.

The Rigveda identified many women sages as treasures of knowledge.

The Great Maitreyi who rejected half her husband’s wealth in the favour of spiritual knowledge.

Men in ancient India were identified with their mothers. Eg. Yoshoda Nandan, Gandhari Putra etc.

If our ancient culture never stopped us from giving equal importance to women as that of men and also respecting them, then why can’t we continue the same in a better manner ….?

The need of the hour, is to sensitize those who hold such thoughts that women even after attaining so much education and liberty from the law of the land, that is our constitution, should be encouraged to stand for themselves.

It’s the duty of every father and every mother to teach their daughter since her childhood, not get suppressed rather stand up along with their swords,( rights given by the law of the land ) and win the battle.

Our judiciary system has provided us the weapon to fight for the right. These laws are not to remain in the books only but to use them when anyone hampers your dignity and self esteem.

Don’t just educate her, make her knowledge use for herself so that she can live with dignity not in fear !!!