You only can do it!

In order to endeavour something you have to impel yourself and water down the anomalies of the present state which are trying to deter your soul to accomplish the preset quest of your life.


Reasons that pull people towards you

There are only three reasons because of which a person comes to you
1. Quality/Character
2. Need
3. Effect

If someone comes to you due to your nature of love, then give them love
If someone comes to you due to some kind of insufficiency, then try to understand his necessity and help him as much as possible.

If someone comes to you due to your effect on him, then respect him, and consider yourself to be lucky enough that your presence has a positive effect on him and his life, due to which he has come to you and is expecting your shadow, in his life.

But never insult or ignore anyone, because insult will give rise to frustration and frustration can compel the person to make you his enemy. And no one wants to keep the animosity as a part of his/her life.

That’s why make everyone your friend. Create a world where everyone has respect for each other. Give your time to those, who want your presence because you are like a candle to them, and can lit their life which is filled with darkness.

Justice comes late, be patient!

Many a times we are disappointed because of unjust situation, people or events. We tend to question ourselves that why is it happening to me only, why I being right and doing right to others have to go through troublesome???

We try to criticize everything around us, we scream, we cry, yet clueless regarding the cause of the miseries happening to us.

It also often happens, that the unjust people get everything and the one who did all good things gets nothing for the moment, and hence gets plunged into the ocean of depression and frustration.

Let me tell you one thing, while doing so we actually radiating a lot of negative energy to the surrounding of which we are also a part. Indirectly harming our own selves.

Take a pause and imagine a situation where someone is constantly abusing you for no reason, can you tolerate that person? Would you like to accompany yourself with such kind of people? Of course the answer will be ‘NO”!

Then how could you do the same thing with to yourself where you play both the roles of a victim and sinner. I’m using the word sinner here because hurting your mind or body is nothing but a “sin”.

The way an offender in a society is eventually punished, in the similar manner the person who followed the path of unrighteousness and did unjust to you will ultimatly and definitely get punished by the nature(law of karma).

All you need is to ” give the time, some time, to heal the present time“.

Don’t curse the offender, even if they do wrong to you, just be patient, sit back, and pray to the God, ” whatever they did to me should not be repeated by the same person to anyone else out there “.

We have to keep a pace with the judiciary both spiritual and legal. No victory comes easily and no victim is left out from the purview of justice.

Have faith in the time. Be patient if you are right, justice will surely knock your door !

© sushmita das

A General but crucial Issue

Dear patriarchy, you think you are the driving source of this society but let me remind you one thing, you have become aged now, those who have been following till since ages are actually acting like the shackles for their own belongings who are no one other than their daughters, sisters, mothers, and the like.

It’s very shameful to witness the situation wherein a girl is debarred from working upon the dreams she has for her better future and existence. Patriarchy has blossomed immensely due our own behavioural character.

According to Global Gender Equality Index 2019, nearly 40% of women live in countries that are failing in “gender equality”. We get such kind of indices every year.

It’s good that many countries are giving ample opportunity to the women of their countries but it’s very important to sensitise those people living in the rural and semi urban parts of the country for whom uplifting the women’s position in the society is a stigma.

Those women who feel their rights are hampered by the demons, have to now wake up and stand up for their rights. And women who have already broke the shackles need to help their peers to come out of the prisons of limitations and harness their potential.

Women are entitled to be a part of the sectors, including political, social, defence, and economical in the same numbers as that of their male counterpart.

Dear women do convey this message to all those women who are residing in the regions where they are unaware of their rights.

Break the shackles of patriarchy and keep moving on !!!!!

Blue is the sky, her dreams are high!

Blue is the sky
Her dreams are high
Blue is the sky
She wants to fly

Her eyes are on her ambitions
Her soul is at the brink of accomplishing the mission

She knew that the battle is going to be tough
Yet she stepped in with her sword called courage in her heart

Yes she shatters seldom in her journey, as she believes that she can collate again the broken pieces of her life and create a heaven where her soul can reside.

She sometimes cries,
but never fails to try cause there is a warrior within her which never lets her die

Blue is the sky
Her dreams are high
Blue is the sky
She wants to fly

She is unstoppable!

What keeps her walking through the difficulties of her life is her self confidence, self reliance, and self esteem. When she has no one in her life, she has “herself” who would give validation to her existence. Sometimes she breaks in pieces, sometimes the souls whom she considered to be a part of her journey betrayed her, and left her walk alone. But unknowingly, they made her realise that her potential lied in the aloofness, wherein she distant herself from all the forces which were pulling her down and hence moved towards the betterment of her identity, cause she knows that she is “unstoppable” no matter who walks along with her and who doesn’t, no matter who motivated her and who demotivated, she is unstoppable all through the journey of her existence.

To be continued ……..!


Hope …………!
Hope is like a rope that rescues a person falling in a ditch….

Hope is like a lifesaver when one has almost given up on living a semantic life…..

Hope is like that connecting bridge over the deepest water without which one cannot reach the other end….

Hope is like the wings of a bird which leads one to one’s destination…..

Hope is like that spark of light which illuminates in the darkness of hopelessness…..

Hope is like that bud which is meant to bloom in the morning and spread its beauty in the nature…..

Hope is like that kite in the sky which keeps flying high….

Hope is a motivation for every soul which never lets the morale die………!